Somewhere along my dream my family went out to a restaurant to celebrate something. I didn't go; I think I was preoccupied with something else. My dad came home really drunk and was trying to cut a piece of bread with a serrated knife. The way he was trying to cut he could have easily cut into his hand. I was asking him to please not do that as he was drunk and that was dangerous. He stopped (not on my account) and I was telling him he shouldn't do anything like that while he was drunk. He got angry at me, accusing me of trying to tell him what to do. I told him I wasn't doing that, just asking him to be careful. He was getting angrier at me as I implored him to just be safe. He was offended by the notion of "you trying to tell me what to do." Seriously, he was raging angry so much so that I feared he might actually hit me, so I quickly left the house.

Another part of my dream had me with a large check around $9000, but I was going to have a hard time cashing it since I was a woman. I think I was personally running away from someone.

The Killing Time

Yesternight I had a dream where I was in massage school. One of the rules was someone had to kill another student each class. This was the first class and I decided to be the first one to do it, so I killed a fellow student after massaging them. Afterward I couldn't really believe I did it, regretted it and vowed to never do it again. I also couldn't understand why the school had that policy in the first place. I thought we could have just used tags to indicate whatever its purpose was.

Last night I dreamed I helped a man kill several people. I don't know why we wanted to kill people, but I have a feeling it was just for fun & sport. I liked to take a long, large metal screw (at least a foot long) and screw it into people's abdomon. I forget how he liked to kill. One time I was given a weapon that I didn't feel was sufficient enough and so wouldn't kill the person. Toward the end of the dream I was supposed to kill this one person who was sleeping in a room with a few other people. I was sure someone would wake up and notice what I was doing, so I wouldn't do it.

Some time during last night's dream I was at a friend's house and thinking of what dvd to buy them. Their roomate kinda stole their current copy of something so I think I was going to replace it for the friend. The whole of last night felt dank, dreary and slightly ominous.


I was in this parlor style, empty house with a couple ladies and a little boy. They wanted me to heal the boy though I didn't know that's what they wanted when I arrived. So the little boy lays down on the couch in just his underwear and I try to help him. During this time a snake bites him, though I didn't see it happy, just saw the bite. These little black lines were radiating out from the bite which mean it was a nonpoisonous snake. A little later though I got bit and my black lines were radiating in, which meant it could be a poisonous snake. I was concerned though relieved the boy's wasn't poisonous.

I was outside and it was dusk. I was looking for a kitty I think. I came up to what I thought was a kitty and started massaging it. It turned into a person with two left arms and a right arm, very sickly and frail looking. She had patches of fur on her upper arms though her forearms were stripped of fur. I did what I could for her, though I was concerned that I would catch rabies from her. I washed my hands thoroughly afterward.

A friend of mine walked into a saloon type place and tried to drag out a bottle of alcohol that was as big as her. She had originally given that bottle to the place, but now said, "I sure hope this is still mine." However the lady in charge of the saloon stopped her from taking it.

Fragment of a dream

I was in a very large, open, elegant, rich building that seemed to serve as a cafe and/or restaurant. It was pretty empty and there were other buildings like it around. There was a courtyard of sorts, can't remember if there was grass. Definitely lots of stonework. The atmosphere & architecture reminded me of 16th century Italy, though the products and people were modern. I think I was running around trying to find someone or something.

Relationships {June 1, 2009}

I had two friends in my dream who were once a couple and were now split. I sided with one of the friends, and heard some things from the other friend that I did not like. The friend I sided with had a pretty lame bed but with the help of some more friends we were able to make a better bed for this person.

Violent night {May 31, 2009}

I was in a house with a group of people, and we were battling against the house next to us. Everyone had guns. The neighbors were invading our house. I was shooting at them with a pistol and later with some sort of large automatic-weapon. I don’t remember if anyone actually died. We knew we were warring with them that day, and expected more the next day. Had trouble finding more weapons and bullets for the next battle.

But as the morning wore on, no one came to invade our house, which was odd. We were wondering why they weren’t continuing with the battle. I think one or two people came over but there had been a change in battle plans. A woman from the other side decided to change the plan and head over to a hospital to carry out the rest of the plan. So me and a couple other people set out after her.

I only had a pistol on me that wasn’t loaded all the way. We encountered the woman at the hospital, and in the lobby with innocent bystanders we continued our battle. There were a few other people from the other side as well. I started firing my gun but the first few rounds were empty. Finally by the time I got to some loaded rounds the lobby battle was over.

I wandered over to a hospital room and there was a baby there. Don’t know why I was there, and can’t remember why I was drawn to the baby. But as I was holding the baby this old man walked into the room saying negative, bigoted things. A few times I order him to leave but he doesn’t. Then someone I came with comes into the room, and I tell them to tell the old man to leave or else. The old man leaves.

The baby belonged to a lesbian couple. I find them and hand their baby to them. They hadn’t seen the baby since giving birth, and were ecstatic to be united with him. I was happy for them as well.

Somewhere in this dream I was visiting a juvenile jail where Aaron’s younger brother was jailed, and where my brother was jailed. My brother had a very swollen middle finger, and an eye growing on the top of that finger. Aaron’s brother wasn’t really taking his jail time seriously. Well, neither was my brother.